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Black Mirror 2 Coffee Scale

Experience an incredibly pleasant brewing journey with the upgraded Timemore Black Mirror 2 smart pour-over coffee scale. Its stable and elegant pour-over stand, combined with the sleek Black Mirror scale, showcases modern design aesthetics.


The upgraded Black Mirror 2 smart pour-over coffee scale ensures an enjoyable brewing experience.  Take complete control of your pour-over data with comprehensive brewing information. The smartphone app has undergone a complete update, allowing your mobile phone to display relevant data clearly when connected via Bluetooth.


Paper Filter

Crafted from the same high-quality precious paper as the V filters, these specially-made filter papers align perfectly with the Timemore dripper. No more custom cutting other filter papers to get the right size! Enjoy a pack of natural filter papers designed just for your dripper.

TIMEMORE* Black Mirror 2 Coffee Scale + Paper Filter 01 (SET)

  • Black Mirror 2 Coffee Scale

    • Accuracy: 0.1g
    • Assistive indicator: Built-in vibration for touch feedback
    • Alarm function can be set via the app available for iOS/Android via Wechat app
    • Main scale: 0.5g - 2000g
    • Maximum timer capability: 59:59
    • Physical on/off switch to prevent accidental activity and save battery
    • Secondary scale: 1000g
    • USB-C rechargeable 2300mAh lithium battery with LED battery indicator
    • Weight: Approximately 605g


    Paper Filter

    • 100 pieces/bag
    • Diameter:  2.17in (5.5cm) 
    • Material: Virgin wood-pulp
    • Size: All v-shape coffee drippers
  • Black Mirror 2 Coffee Scale

    • Built-in 2300mAh lithium battery for efficient usage
    • 360 rotation dripper stand and detachable feature
    • Physical ON/OFF main switch and touch screen tare buttons
    • Waterproof silicone pad for scale protection and heat insulation
    • Works continuously for over 24 hours or two months with 20min/day usage
    • Real-Time display: Time, weight accurate to 1/10g, and flow rate reference with 1000 refreshes/sec


    Paper Filter

    • Preserve the original flavors with food-grade paper
    • Perfect fit for a hassle-free coffee brewing experience
    • Fine and consistent texture to block fines and maintain cleaner flavors
    • The filter paper does not contain glue, ensuring the taste and flavor of the extraction remain untainted

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