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The Timemore Sculptor 078 Electric Grinder isn't just any grinder; it's designed for discerning baristas and coffee enthusiasts. Made for the fast-paced specialty coffee market and high-end home brewing, it offers top-notch performance, efficiency, and consistent grinds.


Effortless Speed, Uncompromising Flavor: With its state-of-the-art 78mm "vortex knife" burr set, developed in collaboration with Grindinglabs, the Sculptor 078 ensures faster grinding without sacrificing flavor. Its unique design reduces unwanted fines, guaranteeing a clean, balanced taste in every cup.


Precision Meets High Volume: Combining precision with high volume capabilities, the Sculptor 078 provides true barista control with its powerful variable speed motor. It offers consistent results, even during busy service, and reduces fines for perfectly balanced extractions.


Designed for Efficiency, Built to Last: Crafted with efficiency and durability in mind, the Sculptor 078 features a robust metal unibody construction, ideal for busy cafes. Its magnetic grind cups and hopper lid allow quick and easy switching between grind sizes, minimizing downtime. The patented "knock" system ensures minimal retention and fresher coffee with every grind.


The Specialty Coffee Workhorse: The Timemore Sculptor 078 Electric Grinder is more than just a grinder; it's essential for amazing coffee. Whether you own a cafe or brew at home, it offers top-notch performance, workflow enhancements, and Timemore's renowned quality. With this tool, you can unleash the full potential of every bean, crafting unforgettable cups for you and your customers.


TIMEMORE* Sculptor 078 Electric Grinder (Black/White)

SKU: 1
    • Weight: 20.85lb (6.81 kg)
    • Power: 220 V / 400 W / 50 Hz
    • Size: 10.28 x 4.65 x 11.57in (261 x 118 x 294 mm)
    • Material: Body: Aluminium alloy / Stainless steel
    • Grind range: Pour-over to French press, 36 settings
    • Features: Patented knock system to eject grinds / Adjustable burr speed RPM (800-1400) / 78 mm 'vortex knife' burr set /
    • Magnetic bean lid - The magnetic lid automatically fits over half of the bean entrance, preventing beans from hopping and ensuring convenient usage.
    • Patented Rotary Knocker - Cleaning fines from the grinder spout can be challenging. Our rotary knocker effectively removes fines with a quick turn, shaking off most of the fines.
    • Sensory brushless motor - We use a premium brushless motor with PID control and Hall components, offering zero-friction rotation for a longer lifespan and stable operation.
    • Patented Burrs - 078 Turbo Burrs: Equipped with three layers of teeth (arc, vortex, and burr teeth) for fast and consistent bean cutting while effectively reducing fines caused by bean compression.
    • 078's Flat Burrs: Innovative flat burrs designed for fine espresso grinding while ensuring high uniformity for pour-over.

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