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Fish Youth Kettle

Unlock the secret to an exceptionally steady water flow with the TIMEMORE kettle, thanks to its patented controlled stream structure and excellent spout. For added convenience, a dedicated hole on the kettle lid is explicitly designed for the TIMEMORE thermometer stick. With this tool, you can effortlessly observe and control the brewing temperature.


We are calling all baristas! The TIMEMORE kettle is a fantastic addition to your toolkit. Its modern design offers top-notch functionality, while the exquisite anti-scalding wooden handle ensures a comfortable grip. Experience the precision of the patented thin gooseneck spout, providing the ideal 90° vertical flow for precise pouring.


Crystal Eye Glass Dripper

Enhanced by a distinctive groove pattern that surpasses the aesthetics of conventional drippers, this design also optimizes water distribution, ensuring a more uniform flow for effortless achievement of a delectable cup of meticulously extracted coffee.


Paper Filter

Timemore's filter paper is made from natural fibers for the most picky of brewers. Even the density of fibers and carefully manufactured to make your brew flow perfectly.


TIMEMORE* Fish Youth Kettle + Crystal Eye Glass Dripper 01 + Paper Filter 01

Color: White
  • Fish Youth Kettle

    • Capacity: 700ml
    • Color: White
    • Material: Stainless steel 304
    • Weight: 1.19lb (542g)


    Crystal Eye Glass Dripper

    • Capacity: 1-2 cups
    • Holder: PC
    • Material: Soda-Lime Glass dripper


    Paper Filter

    • 100 pieces/bag
    • Diameter:  2.17in (5.5cm) 
    • Material: Virgin wood-pulp
    • Size: All v-shape coffee drippers
  • Fish Youth Kettle

    • Not suitable for stovetop use
    • Effortlessly control water flow at a 90° angle
    • Precise, functional, and thoughtfully designed
    • The sieve structure inside the kettle ensures stable water flow
    • Ergonomic and heat-resistant wooden handle for a comfortable grip
    • Interchangeable lid to be used with Timemore Thermometer Stick option


    Crystal Glass Dripper

    • Easy-to-clean removable PC holder
    • Clear three-layer construction for visibility
    • Durable and sturdy glass crystal eye dripper
    • Perfect fit for filter paper, ensuring efficient brewing
    • Ideal for both beginners and experienced coffee enthusiasts
    • Enhanced design for closer filter paper fit and richer flavor extraction.


    Paper Filter

    • Preserve the original flavors with food-grade paper
    • Perfect fit for a hassle-free coffee brewing experience
    • Fine and consistent texture to block fines and maintain cleaner flavors
    • The filter paper does not contain glue, ensuring the taste and flavor of the extraction remain untainted

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