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Summer is here, let's have some iced coffee

Updated: May 13

Summer is getting hotter, and nothing beats a glass of ice-cold coffee to cool you down. Ice coffee is a collective term, and it can be prepared in different ways. Today, we'll introduce three commonly used methods:

1. Cold Brew

Cold brew involves steeping coffee grounds in cold water or slowly dripping cold water onto the grounds. This method produces a smooth, low-acidity coffee, but it takes 4-8 hours to brew. Some people find that certain aromas may not be fully extracted, resulting in a less vibrant taste. However, cold brew coffee is known for its longer shelf life. At home, you can choose high-quality beans and proper equipment to enhance the final product.

 · Grind Size: Medium-coarse

 · Brew Ratio: 1:10~1:13

 · Amount of Coffee: 30-50g

 · Brewing Time: 4-8 hours

*We recommend using medium-roasted, washed, or the natural honey method beans to avoid excessive fermentation flavors (personal preference should ultimately guide your choice).

2. Cold Drip

Using a dedicated cold drip coffee apparatus, such as the Timemore Ice Dripper, drip the appropriate amount of chilled water onto the coffee grounds.This slow process takes time(typically 2.5-4 hours),resulting in a smooth, delicate taste without overly acidic or sharp flavors.

· Grind Size: Medium-fine

· Brew Ratio: 1:10

· Amount of Coffee: 30g

· Brewing Time: 2.5-4hrs

3. Flash Chill

Also known as Japanese-style iced coffee, this method involves rapidly cooling hot-brewed coffee to lock in its delicate flavors. Brewed coffee is dripped directly onto ice, rapidly cooling it and diluting it to the desired strength. This method takes only a few minutes and is my personal favorite, but the coffee should be consumed the same day.

 · Grind Size: Medium-coarse

 · Brew Ratio: 1:15

 · Amount of Coffee: 20g

 · Brewing Time: 2-3 minutes

Whether you prefer the rich taste of cold brew, the distinct layers of cold drip coffee, or the refreshing complexity of flash-chilled coffee, these methods will bring you a refreshing and enjoyable experience. In the hot summer, a glass of chilled coffee will be your best companion.

Let's enjoy the wonderful season that iced coffee brings together!

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