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Immerse yourself in the favorite summer pastime of coffee enthusiasts – creating your refreshing iced coffee at home. With its elegant and user-friendly design, this set includes a glass pitcher that allows you to pour out your chilled coffee creations gracefully.


Experience the richness and depth of flavor that cold brewing brings to your coffee.

TIMEMORE* Ice Dripper Set (Matt Transparent)

    • Capacity: 400ml  
    • Height: 12.6in (32cm)
    • High-precision processing by CNC multi-process
    • Weight: 1.41lb (640g)
    • Water valve is made of unibody stainless steel and space aluminum
    • Modern minimalist design, in line with TIMEMORE's style
    • High light transmission, good temperature resistance, safe to use
    • Adjustable ice extraction for an elevated coffee taste experience
    • Precise water valve adjuster for controlled drip speed and slow extraction
    • Carefully crafted using safe materials: heat-resistant Borosilicate glass and non-toxic PTCG

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