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Coffee Server

This 600ml glass server makes for an elegant server for coffee and tea. The elegantly designed coffee server is made with high-quality glass, and it's perfect for your home brewing experience.


Crystal Eye Glass Dripper

Enhanced by a distinctive groove pattern that surpasses the aesthetics of conventional drippers, this design also optimizes water distribution, ensuring a more uniform flow for effortless achievement of a delectable cup of meticulously extracted coffee.


Paper Filter

Crafted from the same high-quality precious paper as the V filters, these specially-made filter papers align perfectly with the Timemore dripper. No more custom cutting other filter papers to get the right size! Enjoy a pack of natural filter papers designed just for your dripper.


TIMEMORE* Coffee Server 600ml + Crystal Glass Dripper 01 + Paper Filter 01 (SET)

  • Coffee Server

    • Capacity: 600ml (20.3oz)
    • Heat resistance: 150℃
    • Material: Borosilicate glass
    • Weight: 200g


    Crystal Eye Glass Dripper

    • Capacity: 1-2 cups
    • Holder: PC
    • Material: Soda-Lime Glass dripper


    Paper Filter

    • 100 pieces/bag
    • Diameter:  2.17in (5.5cm) 
    • Material: Virgin wood-pulp
    • Size: All v-shape coffee drippers
  • Coffee Server

    • Choose from two convenient sizes
    • Features a precision pouring spout
    • The Timemore server goes beyond coffee
    • Timemore's server design embraces simplicity
    • Equipped with a lid featuring a silicone heat seal
    • Elegant glass design highlights your freshly brewed coffee
    • Perfect for brewing your favorite teas, creating refreshing summer drinks, or even hydrating the plants on your office desk in between brews


    Crystal Glass Dripper

    • Easy-to-clean removable PC holder
    • Clear three-layer construction for visibility
    • Durable and sturdy glass crystal eye dripper
    • Perfect fit for filter paper, ensuring efficient brewing
    • Ideal for both beginners and experienced coffee enthusiasts
    • Enhanced design for closer filter paper fit and richer flavor extraction.


    Paper Filter

    • Preserve the original flavors with food-grade paper
    • Perfect fit for a hassle-free coffee brewing experience
    • Fine and consistent texture to block fines and maintain cleaner flavors
    • The filter paper does not contain glue, ensuring the taste and flavor of the extraction remain untainted

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