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Ice Dripper Set

Immerse yourself in the favorite summer pastime of coffee enthusiasts – creating your refreshing iced coffee at home. With its elegant and user-friendly design, this set includes a glass pitcher that allows you to pour out your chilled coffee creations gracefully.


Experience the richness and depth of flavor that cold brewing brings to your coffee.


Paper Filter

Crafted from the same high-quality precious paper as the V filters, these specially-made filter papers align perfectly with the Timemore dripper. No more custom cutting other filter papers to get the right size! Enjoy a pack of natural filter papers designed just for your dripper.

TIMEMORE* Ice Dripper Set (Matt Transparent) + Paper Filter (SET)

  •  Ice Dripper Set

    • Capacity: 400ml  
    • Height: 12.6in (32cm)
    • High-precision processing by CNC multi-process
    • Weight: 1.41lb (640g)
    • Water valve is made of unibody stainless steel and space aluminum


    Paper Filter

    • 100 Pieces/bag
    • Diameter:  2.17in (5.5cm)
    • Material: Virgin wood-pulp
    • Size: Timemore o shape ice drippers
  • Ice Dripper Set

    • Modern minimalist design, in line with TIMEMORE's style
    • High light transmission, good temperature resistance, safe to use
    • Adjustable ice extraction for an elevated coffee taste experience
    • Precise water valve adjuster for controlled drip speed and slow extraction
    • Carefully crafted using safe materials: heat-resistant Borosilicate glass and non-toxic PTCG


    Paper Filter

    • Preserve the original flavors with food-grade paper
    • Perfect fit for a hassle-free coffee brewing experience
    • Fine and consistent texture to block fines and maintain cleaner flavors
    • The filter paper does not contain glue, ensuring the taste and flavor of the extraction remain untainted

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