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Black Mirror 2 Coffee Scale

Experience an incredibly pleasant brewing journey with the upgraded Timemore Black Mirror 2 smart pour-over coffee scale. Its stable and elegant pour-over stand, combined with the sleek Black Mirror scale, showcases modern design aesthetics.


The upgraded Black Mirror 2 smart pour-over coffee scale ensures an enjoyable brewing experience.  Take complete control of your pour-over data with comprehensive brewing information. The smartphone app has undergone a complete update, allowing your mobile phone to display relevant data clearly when connected via Bluetooth.


Coffee Server

This 600ml glass server makes for an elegant server for coffee and tea. The elegantly designed coffee server is made with high-quality glass, and its perfect for your home brewing experience.

TIMEMORE* Black Mirror 2 Coffee Scale + Coffee Server 600ml (SET)

  • Black Mirror 2 Coffee Scale

    • Accuracy: 0.1g
    • Assistive indicator: Built-in vibration for touch feedback
    • Alarm function can be set via the app available for iOS/Android via Wechat app
    • Main scale: 0.5g - 2000g
    • Maximum timer capability: 59:59
    • Physical on/off switch to prevent accidental activity and save battery
    • Secondary scale: 1000g
    • USB-C rechargeable 2300mAh lithium battery with LED battery indicator
    • Weight: Approximately 605g


    Coffee Server

    • Capacity: 600ml (20.3oz)
    • Heat resistance: 150℃
    • Material: Borosilicate glass
    • Weight: 200g
  • Black Mirror 2 Coffee Scale

    • Built-in 2300mAh lithium battery for efficient usage
    • 360 rotation dripper stand and detachable feature
    • Physical ON/OFF main switch and touch screen tare buttons
    • Waterproof silicone pad for scale protection and heat insulation
    • Works continuously for over 24 hours or two months with 20min/day usage
    • Real-Time display: Time, weight accurate to 1/10g, and flow rate reference with 1000 refreshes/sec


    Coffee Server

    • Choose from two convenient sizes
    • Features a precision pouring spout
    • The Timemore server goes beyond coffee
    • Timemore's server design embraces simplicity
    • Equipped with a lid featuring a silicone heat seal
    • Elegant glass design highlights your freshly brewed coffee
    • Perfect for brewing your favorite teas, creating refreshing summer drinks, or even hydrating the plants on your office desk in between brews

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